Efficient Burnishing Services from The Deburring Company

Our burnishing process can get you to 2 Ra (roughness average) or better, making your part stronger and better than a lot of your competitors. 

photo of burnishing a machined surface

What is Burnishing?

This process takes place by grinding one material, be it metal or plastic, along another to cause a change in the surface of a workpiece. Burnishing takes a machined surface and pushes until the peaks and valleys become one, allowing it to finally take on the smooth desired surface it was intended to have. Using the process of burnishing also allows you to have more control over the size of your part. Typically, by burnishing a part, it can result in a 5-10 micron size change. We don't need to explain how important precise sizing is when it comes to automotive and aerospace engineering, so instead, we'll tell you about other benefits that burnishing can have on your products. 

Grinding a Cylindrical

What are the Added Benefits of Burnishing Your Parts

Beyond what we’ve already mentioned of controlled sizing and a smoother finish, burnishing can also protect or restore the hardness of a metal part. By applying pressure to achieve a smooth surface, a layer of hardness- or a stress layer- is created. Through this process, the average hardness of a product will increase by approximately 10%. Additionally, by undergoing this process, fatigue life will also increase by about 300%- three times as long as it would without using the burnishing process.


Our Burnishing Processes are Effective and Have Significantly Fast Turnaround Time.

Burnishing can often be done on the same machine that you produce the part on rather than making it on one machine, smoothing it on another one, and polishing it on another one. This saves time, allowing us to get through more work at a faster rate.

When the time comes to find burnishing experts who place their attention on their customers and the details of their work, contact us. We’d be happy to help you schedule a tour of our facilities.