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Our air blasting services range from highly abrasive to milder forms of part cleaning and use a variety of materials to remove dirt and grime from surfaces best. 

Air Blasting Machined Parts

Why Would You Air Blast Your Machined Parts?

Sometimes, to best remove unwanted contaminants from the surface of your machined parts, an effective process known as air blasting may be used. In this process, compressed air is mixed with different forms of media and is forced through a nozzle that sprays the part’s surface.  

sand blasting

What Different Types of Air Blasting are There?

Commonly referred to by other names like sandblasting, shot blasting, bead blasting, and even soda blasting, this form of smoothing and cleaning surfaces has a wide variety of operational options. Sandblasting and metal shot blasting are the most abrasive types of air blasting, with bead blasting and using plastic media following behind those. More mild blasting materials include (baking) soda. For blasting options that are hardly abrasive, we can use ice or dry ice to dislodge things from a material’s surface. 

Additional types of blasting include wet blasting, in which media is mixed with soap and hot or cold water to not only smooth a surface but clean it as well. Micro blasting uses a very fine, highly abrasive stream of media to target areas of a workpiece (this is also known as pencil blasting).

Photo of a Sandblasting machine. A chamber for cleaning surfaces with sand.

Air Blasting Comes with Many Benefits 

Although this process might seem like a fast way to remove material and dirt from a surface, there are many other benefits. Air blasting is a necessary step in the manufacturing process to prepare a surface for further coating applications. Air blasting can help to crest a stress layer, allowing it to be more resistant to stress underuse. 

For a faster technique than traditional dirt and grime removal processes, call us to inquire about our air blasting services, today!